E-Sport ทางเลือกใหม่ของนักพนันทั่วโลก


Nowadays competitive video games, also known as E-Sports or full name Electronic Sport, has become popular with everyone. This includes Thai people, no different from other sports games like football or basketball. There are both individual and team competitions. They are also divided into different types of games such as fighting games, strategy games, and sports games. For Thailand, now it is considered the rise of the e-sports industry and it is implicitly a new alternative betting option with online e-sports betting. as if it were a type of sports betting In this event, we would like to introduce you to 5 popular games with world-class tournaments that many people follow every movement.

Rank 1 League of Legends : LOL


League of Legends or LOL is the number one esports game with the most views and number of players. With more than 60 million viewers and more than 100 million people playing this game ever. This statistic happened within a period of just one month. The rapid popularity is due to the system and beautiful graphics. Must give credit to Dota 1 as well, which puts the style of play so well that LOL is a popular Moba game around the world, not difficult.

2nd place Dota 2


For MOBA games, it is believed that when it comes to the name Dota 2, it would certainly be well known as “Dot A” because it is a game that is very popular in Thailand and around the world. And there are also tournaments with huge prize money. It is a game that is accepted all over the world.

Rank 3 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS : GO


The legend of the first-person perspective game or FPS (First Person Shooting) that has been around for a long time until arriving in an era where graphics and realism have been developed far by this game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has the strengths that the system fast games whether player Or the audience can be excited as well.

4th place Overwatch


Overwatch is another shooting game similar to CS: GO, but the game has a more fantasy style, making playing and planning different from CS: GO because the characters have various special abilities such as flying, dashing. , Can create a shield In the future, believe that this game will definitely be more popular. Because the development team has been improving the game all the time, in the first year Overwatch has competed in up to 350 tournaments.

5th place HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft


A card game that creates a constant trend And is a card game that Blizzard has made as successful as Wow. You can see from the statistics that the game has up to 70 million players. From this huge popularity, Hearthstone has been pushed and It’s not difficult to enter the tournament-level Esport competition. and there are 48 countries competing


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