fifa world cup 2022 ฟุตบอลโลก ที่น่าค้นหาที่สุดที่กาตาร์ 

fifa world cup why this world cup is the most interesting 

While football fans from around the world Are preparing to head straight to cheer for the beloved team in the fifa world cup 2022 battle in Doha and make Qatar It will become a popular destination by the end of this year. however hosting the world cup The smallest cities and countries come with their own challenges. Of course, Sbobet does not miss to collect interesting things in various aspects. Let’s leave football fans as usual. 


fifa world cup development city doha to be a full-fledged tourist city 


The right to host the fifa world cup makes Doha the world’s most popular destination. According to a report from Skyscanner, a well-known flight booking site, Google searches for the name of Doha have increased the most over the past three years since 2019.  


During this time, the capital of Qatar Must be prepared to welcome travelers from all over the world. who will attend the FIFA World Cup 2022 World Cup from November 21 to December 18, according to the ranking of interesting cities And the most recent US tourist destination, Doha, has moved up 262 spots, rising 172 spots on the list of the most popular destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and its Asia-Pacific ranking up 169. ranking ever But for Thai football fans who did not travel to Qatar And do not want to miss the fun and excitement, just apply for sbobet to become a member with us . Able to play online games and football betting World Cup betting 24 hours a day 


Security Challenges 


Safety measures are a big issue at FIFA. most concerned Because it is estimated that more than a million football fans Will flow into the capital of Qatar during the fifa world cup 2022, with FIFA calling all relevant agencies Representatives of countries that qualified for the final 32 teams, officials from the United Nations, representatives of FIFA, Interpol (Interpol), the European Police Organization (Europol), and the Qatar Police Authority. Both international and local Participate in meetings up to 2 days to lay out safety guidelines. 


It is also expected that more than 1.4 million football fans will visit Gulf State during the 28 days of the 2022 fifa world cup. All 8 stadiums are packed in Doha. And around, which are separated in a radius of 50-70 kilometers, there is a chance that up to 350,000 people will flock to the streets per day in the case of many simultaneous races, which FIFA wants to provide security measures Including facilitating traffic as well as possible. 


Different cultures and religions of fifa world cup hosts 


Major Issues on Religion and Culture It’s a big deal that can’t be ignored. especially Islamic principles or Asian cultures that are quite different from western lifestyles and lifestyles, such as alcohol, gambling , online casinos, football betting, or even LGBTQ gay groups are still not open to much. As a result, the Qatar City Council has to allocate special areas for the “fan zone” of the fifa world cup in various areas spread around Doha, whether around the stadium or pubs near the hotel, to avoid causing panic. Too much culture, known as “culture shock” among the locals. 


However, the Qatar World Cup In addition to creating new challenges to both the competition organizers including various cultures That has to adjust, the Qatari government still believes that with the location of the country will make qatar It is a hub that acts as a gateway between cultures. Combining the Western and Asian worlds by passing the hosting of the fifa world cup 2022 this time.