world cup 2022 ที่กาตาร์ กับ 5 เรื่องน่าสนใจช่วงปลายปีนี้ 

world cup 2022 with 5 facts that the world should know 


As you know, at the end of this year, the world cup 2022 is a football festival of humanity. Preparing to open again in Qatar Between November and December, but before going to the opening ceremony and the actual race day Along the way, Qatar hosted the World Cup in the 2nd edition of the World Cup Asia, they were met with a lot of criticism, and this is the real story off the field that Sbobet gathers for real football fans to not ignore.  

world cup 2022 and human rights issues 


After the International Football Federation (FIFA) announced its approval for Qatar. Has hosted the 2022 world cup since 2010, the oil rich nation like Qatar. Every effort must be made to prepare the best for the world’s biggest football competition. Therefore, over the past 10 years, Qatar has enlisted workers from various countries to come together to create a playing field. Including various facilities Whether it’s a hotel Accommodation and infrastructure in Doha 


This issue has led to criticism about human rights abuses in the 2022 world cup Qatar after “The Guardian”, the famous British media. came out to report that Labor is used in the construction of the field without resting beyond the appropriate level. And caused the deaths of more than 6,500 workers, divided into 2,700 Indian workers, 1,000 Bangladeshis, 1,600 Pakistanis, 1,000 Nepalese and 550 Sri Lankans. There are news that some employers do not provide life insurance for workers who died. as well 

Oppose the addition of 48 teams in the final round 


For the 2022 world cup in Qatar this time, FIFA is trying to throw a stone. Try to tell the news that I want to increase the number of teams that qualify for the final from 32 to 48 teams, but it seems that this plan is going to fail. After the voices of opposition from many parties around the world. But it’s not that FIFA will give in easily, they have announced that will use a new system to add a total of 48 finalist teams in the 2026 World Cup, which will increase the number of matches from 64 to a total of 80 matches as well 

world cup 2022 that is not summer 


For the first time in history, the 2022 world cup will not be played in the middle of the summer like every time before. due to Qatar’s unsuitable weather conditions With the average daytime temperature at 43 degrees, it is not good for the physical condition of the players and fans, which FIFA has managed to postpone the program of the 2022 world cup to the end of the year instead. between 21 November and 8 December 

Rich people’s fun sports game 


Usually the World Cup is the participation of the whole nation But not with Qatar world cup 2022 because it was noted that this World Cup could be a fun game. Of the rich and capitalist in Qatar only because all 8 stadiums are located in Doha. And the surrounding area with a radius of less than 50 kilometers apart, of course, it will be a good thing for football fans who do not have to waste time traveling far. Including the players do not have to encounter traffic problems. but in terms of economy and tourism Football fans will have to stay in high-end hotels. and originally shopping in a luxury department store downtown area owned by big capitalists Makes the income not truly distributed throughout the region  

LGBTQ people are accepted. 


Another big issue at the 2022 World Cup Qatar has come under heavy criticism is the ban on Muslim women participating in the World Cup. This time, because it goes against religious principles. Including the acceptance of homosexuality and the LGBT + group is still a topic that is talked about. because qatar There are strict laws against homosexuality. make many cheering People are anxious to cheer for their own love team, although the host of the world cup 2022 has confirmed that The rainbow flag, a symbol of LGBTQ people, is allowed to fly on the pitch to create an atmosphere.  


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